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Stand out from your competition - Grab you customers' attention by delivering your targeted promotions directly to their personal electronic devices including Cell phones, PDAs and laptops!
Utilizing the latest wireless technology, PromoSend sends your content instantly and securely for just pennies per message! Distribute any form of digital media content to your customer...videos, pictures, text messages, music, surveys, coupons, invitations raffles to cell phones, PDAs and laptops!

There are only three easy steps to deliver your targeted digital promotions to your customers:
1. Submit your digital promotion (text, audio or video) to the PromoSend website or directly to MMC.
2. Your promotion will be transmitted to the location specific PromoSend Display.
3. The PromoSend Display will then instantly deliver your promotion to your customers based on your preferred schedule.

The Benefits to you by using PromoSend:

- Deliver your targeted digital promotion to your targeted customers when you want, where you want and how you want

- Gain valuable, detailed tracking and marketing information about and from your clients using interactive content

- "SPAM-free" marketing based on a customer opt-in permission model

- Easily create a personalized "one-on-one" communication channel for trusted, ongoing marketing with your customers

- Increases sales by offering digital coupons and promotions

- Reduces the need for other paper advertising: reducing your costs while increasing your exposure to your customers

- Real time updates & information

- Environmentally friendly

PromoSend is ideal for effectively advertising in the following areas:

- Bars, Parties and Nightclubs

- Public Arenas

- Concerts

- Hotels

- Restaurants

- Resorts

- Airports

- Retail Stores

- Sports Events

- Trade Shows

- Festivals

- Shopping Malls


- Wireless Internet Access at location of PromoSend (Access parameters to be provided by individual locations)

- Client to provide campaigns according to our PromoSend specifications

- Power to the display

Blackberry phones do not currently receive messages according to the bluetooth industry standards.


- Joe walks into a bar

- Being that his Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi is on, and his phone receives an instant alert that Bacardi would like to connect and send him the latest information

- He then accepts the message and it is downloaded for him to view and act upon.

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